erotic massage as you can only rarely find it

The erotic massage is partly like the sensual one. The erotic parts are included in that basis.

This erotic massage has all the powerful benefits of good eroticism and has a therapeutic effect.

A wonderful, very sensual massage. Ecstasy, tenderness, luxury, intimacy, relaxation and excitement.

Your divine sexuality awakens through sensual and loving touches.

  • high quality erotic massage, not an excuse for sex
  • your entire body is massaged
  • genital and anus massage included
  • prostate massage usually included
  • where necessary adjusted according to your comfort and your wishes
  • body2body usually included
  • for straight, gay, and bi men
  • discovery (± 1 hour): 85€ (90€ from 17/07/2023)
  • standard (± 1,5 hours): 115€ (120€ from 17/07/2023)
  • luxury (± 2 hours): 145€ (150€ from 17/07/2023)
  • superluxury (± 2,5 hours): 185€ (195€ from 17/07/2023)

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common to all erosensu massages

  • massage in safety: strict hygiene + CO2 meter + air purification + professional, respectful, vaccinated masseur
  • very comfortable, strong and stable massage table
  • an integrated whole of slow, sensual touches and firmer, deeper pressure
  • adjusted according to your comfort and your wishes
  • a high level of sensuality and therefore magnificent ecstatic moments
  • quiet, beautiful, discreet, hygienic and fully equipped massage studio
  • showers included in the rates
  • only natural and mostly organic products that help your skin