high quality massage from man to man

enjoyment, relaxation, connection, ecstasy

being touched by another man


I am a professional, passionate and generous massage therapist, offering massage for men, erotic or not, in Kraainem near Brussels.

The best massages are a healing journey. When you are properly touched, something very specific happens to your body and mind, causing you to deeply relax and make all your neurological and physiological systems work better again.

Sensuality and eroticism also have their place in this. These purely natural human characteristics have fallen into the taboo sphere due to historical influences, but that is a great loss and unjustified.

When you approach sensuality and eroticism properly, for example in a sensual or erotic massage of high quality, very specific relaxing and fulfilling effects arise, which cannot be achieved in any other way.

Who but another man with the right education and intentions knows best how to touch a man the right way? I myself have received countless massages and learned a lot from them, including how I respond to every type of touch. In the meantime, I built up more than 20 years of experience and knowledge, including in various massage techniques (Swedish, shiatsu, lingam, anus, ...), body-oriented psychotherapy and tantra.

I am authentic, loving, generous, warm, affectionate, sensitive, patient, attentive, firm when and where needed, well trained and experienced.

I think a good erotic massage is the most beautiful and deepest experience 2 men can have together. Every massage I give reinforces this feeling and I would love you to enjoy it as well!