a sensual massage: perfect for those who would like to experience the erosensu style without the erotic parts

The room is pleasantly heated, there is music that makes you dream away, you can opt for a massage oil with natural mind-stimulating scents, ...

Varied touches, the intensity constantly changes in a smooth way.

I massage your entire body and use techniques that clear your head, stimulate your parasympathetic system, relax your emotions and activate certain neuronal connections in your brain. Faster and smoother than expected you will get into a trance-like state!

  • full body massage without eroticism
  • no massage of genitals or anus
  • discovery (± 1 hour): 65€ (70€ from 17/07/2023)
  • standard (± 1,5 hours): 85€ (95€ from 17/07/2023)

The erotic massage is very similar to this sensual massage. The erotic parts are integrated into this base. More about that? Click on this button:

common to all erosensu massages

  • massage in safety: strict hygiene + CO2 meter + air purification + professional, respectful, vaccinated masseur
  • an integrated whole of slow, sensual touches and firmer, deeper pressure
  • adjusted according to your comfort and your wishes
  • a high level of sensuality and therefore magnificent ecstatic moments
  • quiet, beautiful, discreet, hygienic and fully equipped massage studio
  • showers included in the rates
  • only natural and mostly organic products that help your skin